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What Matters to You when Relocating?

Inspired by a conversation at Roost’s Facebook page , my answer to the question was: Schools Parks Internet Accessibility – the Charlottesville/Albemarle region does not have 100% coverage. … Proximity to work Who the neighbors are – are they at similar “life-stages” to you? Churches if that matters Proximity to grocery stores & coffee shops Are there bike lanes? Property taxes School budgets, school test scores, percentage of kids on free/reduced lunches Walkability These are just some of the factors that my buyer clients have recently brought up.

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School Values and Housing Prices – Specifically in Albemarle County

In an effort to get my head around the numbers, I have prepared the attached spreadsheet which evaluates (to the best of my ability with the data available) , the impact of the different budget scenarios and what different property tax rate increases necessary to close the funding gap.

…At this point in the process, I don’t like trying to address a budget challenge by manipulating the tax rate, but I think the public deserves some factual information about the different scenarios and how that might impact their personal pocketbooks.

ɉۢ In the best case state funding scenario , a property tax rate of 81.9 cents would balance the budget and increase ANNUAL tax payments by $146.19 for the median priced home when compared to 2009.

…1 However, the strength of the consensus is puzzling, given the formidable empirical challenges facing any homeowner or empirical researcher seeking to answer the question carefully.2 First, good schools usually come bundled with other neighborhood qualities– such as proximity to employment, shopping and recreational conveniences and neighborhood peers.

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More Charlottesville Real Estate Data than You Might Have Wanted

This is going to be a developing post as I read through Barry Merchant’s presentation from this morning. Barry Merchant’s VHDA presentation at Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors (PDF) Additionally,

Nest Report Here is an advance copy of the Nest Report, what we believe to be the best, most “comprehensive and transparent analysis of the residential real estate market in Charlottesville, Albemarle and surrounding counties, prepared quarterly by Nest Realty Group.” Nest Report – Year End 2009, Predictions for 2010 (PDF) Comments, feedback and input welcomed.

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Questions Raised about Biscuit Run’s Purchase

The director of the area’s regional transportation planning body wants state officials to explain why nearly half of the $9.8 million used to purchase the Biscuit Run property for a new 1,200 acre state park came from federal transportation funds. Metropolitan Planning Organization , has sent a letter expressing his concerns to Pierce Homer, the Secretary of Transportation under former Governor Tim Kaine. While Williams stated he has no opinion on whether the state should have purchased the land, he points out two-thirds of the Biscuit Run property is within the boundaries of the MPO’s jurisdiction. … Is this sour grapes on behalf of the MPO or a reasonable request as to how and why the property was purchased?

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Note from a Reader – Access to Subdivisions

Jim: One thing I looked at when comparing properties was if the subdivision had more than one access; I was surprised at how many were dependent on one way in/out. … This isn’t something I’ve ever thought about, but in light of the snowpocalypse, it’s a pretty good idea. One thing I do tell my clients relocating to the Charlottesville area from other regions is this – when considering the “sub regions” within Charlottesville and Albemarle , consider this – Crozet is the only area with two major roads – 250 and 64 – accessing it. Think about it – 29 North – has 29 Pantops – has 250 and 64, but they converge about a mile too early.

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