IndyMac … What?

Courtesy of RealCville:

Hey, grab a stiff drink and try not to lose your lunch as you watch the video (linked below) about the bailout of IndyMac Bank, which was seized by the FDIC in June 2008 because it was losing so much money on defaulting mortgages.

The video has a couple of take-aways: it’s often more profitable for certain banks to avoid mortgage modification, and Goldman Sachs controls the financial world has has the Obama administration by the balls is an agent of the Devil makes a lot of $$$$$.

And I received an email referencing this video from someone whom I respect asking for my thoughts. In short: it’s time for a fiscal and political revolution. If only there were officials tasked with representing the peoples’ interests, maybe located in a central location where they could have meetings and respond to the demands of the citizens … this sort of thing makes paying taxes offensive and frankly irresponsible.

Watch the video at Think Big Work Small.

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