Who Knew E*Trade Owned Homes?

Apparently E*Trade own 225 Bedford Park Road in Foxchase in Crozet (technically Charlottesville, but really Crozet).

As far as I know, this is the first foreclosure in Foxchase and is an indication that foreclosures are not isolated to any particular price point.

I think this home offers potentially a great opportunity. Built by High Harbor Homes in 2006, it was purchased for $899,000 – $241/ft. Now it’s being offered for $167/foot (apparently the previous owners finished approximately 600 square feet as well).

The house has been on the market since May of 2008.

From the Albemarle County GIS (tax assessment) site:

Most Recent Sales History
Previous Owner (ed note: I’m choosing to leave this out; if you’re curious you can find it)
Sale Date 10/23/2009
Sale Price $869,126
Deed Book/Page 3811/403
Validity of Sale (For Internal Use) Foreclosure

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