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Vacant Homes for Sale in Charlottesville and Albemarle – June 2010

In January of this year, I looked at the number of vacant homes for sale in Charlottesville and Albemarle . … 2 – Sometimes the sellers are more negotiable, basing their asking prices on what the house is worth rather than what they need to make. As with all homes for sale, there is no rule, consistent percentage to offer under asking price, rhyme nor reason to sellers’ motivations to sell or price.

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Who Knew E*Trade Owned Homes?

Apparently E*Trade own 225 Bedford Park Road in Foxchase in Crozet (technically Charlottesville, but really Crozet). As far as I know, this is the first foreclosure in Foxchase and is an indication that foreclosures are not isolated to any particular price point. … Now it’s being offered for $167/foot (apparently the previous owners finished approximately 600 square feet as well).

… Most Recent Sales History Previous Owner (ed note: I’m choosing to leave this out; if you’re curious you can find it) Owner E*TRADE BANK Sale Date 10/23/2009 Sale Price $869,126 Deed Book/Page 3811/403 Validity of Sale (For Internal Use) Foreclosure

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Short Sales and Foreclosures in Charlottesville

As of this writing, short sales and foreclosures are not yet considered “the market” when appraisers are doing their analyses, but I as a Realtor representing buyers and sellers am absolutely considering short sales and foreclosures when advising my clients. … When advising sellers who may be considering short sales, we will have a long and in-depth conversation (or two or three) about the considerations, ramifications and things that they and I need to do in order to effectively conclude a short sale transaction.

… • Death –of a borrower • Dying-Sickness of a borrower affecting their ability to earn and pay their debt • Destitute-an involuntary loss of income Divorce- in this case, when one of the occupants leave and it affects the income of the house it can be deemed an acceptable hardship.

… Foreclosures in Charlottesville: Two properties with $100k price reductions A quick look at some of the foreclosures in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area shows that there are foreclosures ranging from $25,913 to $1,010,000. (more trustee sales notices get posted every day) These are some of the foreclosures in Charlottesville and Albemarle that are listed in the Charlottesville MLS: — Part 1- Quick Update on the Charlottesville Real Estate Market Part 2 – Short sales and Foreclosures in Charlottesville Part 3 – Homebuyer tax credit in 2010 – Who’s Eligible?

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