It’s Match Day at UVA (and Everywhere Else)

I’m watching with interest to see how many incoming UVA Medical Residents choose to purchase …

Traditionally UVA Resident comprise a fairly significant portion of the Charlottesville and Albemarle real estate market – generally at least three bedrooms, two baths (usually) no more than 20 minutes to the UVA Medical Center … usually not too old as Medical Residents tend to be quite busy … at the bottom of this post are a few homes that may meet some of their criteria …

This is going to be a telling year, as many of the outgoing UVA Residents are going to be selling and (some) incoming UVA Residents will be buying. Anecdotally, far fewer folks are buying than have in previous years.

Charlottesville is transient by nature, and for many, renting will prove to be a better decision.

It’s Match Day on Twitter, too

stmiles: It’s finally here… today is Match Day! Five hours until the Big Reveal.
jessicaesquire: I try not to use twitter like a 12-year-old girl, but I am so tempted to write an entire tweet of “MATCH DAY” all in caps and nothing else.
MedicineUMMS: MATCH DAY! Mar 18, 2010 Congratulations, graduating med students! (NRMP) Welcome new #UMass interns!

Match Day posts from previous years –

UVA Match Day 2009
This is a comprehensive post I wrote earlier this year about Match Day in Charlottesville
– This is a useful Charlottesville relocation map I did using Google’s MyMaps … and it’s what I do on real maps when I’m meeting with clientsThanks to Ken Mextorf with SunTrust Mortgage for the following post:* In response to various questions from potential buyer clients who were hoping to Match at the UVA Medical School, I asked Ken to write this for me.

Graduating medical school students have just gone through “Match Day” where they have found what hospitals and Residency programs they have been paired with. Current Residents and Interns who are finishing up their programs are ready to venture out and embark on their new medical careers. For many of these new Doctors relocation is part of their new life.

For those looking to buy a new home, SunTrust mortgage Doctors Loan program provides;

– Financing up to 100% of the sales price of a new home.

– Loan amounts up to;

– $417,000 for Residents and Interns

– $1.5 million for licensed medical Physicians

– Fixed and Adjustable rate mortgages

– No mortgage insurance (PMI)

– Special banking relationships and discounts

If now is the right time for you to buy speak to your local SunTrust Mortgage specialist and learn more about the Doctors Loan program and how it can work for you.

* Yes, I know this reads like an ad for SunTrust’s Doctor’s Loan program. It’s intended to answer questions, and Ken happens to have a great program that is useful for UVA Medical Residents and Doctors. Why wouldn’t I write about a lender I recommend? 🙂

These are a few homes that may suit UVA Residents.

Sorted by Walkscore –

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  1. J March 18, 2010 at 14:45

    This list is sorted by walkscore, which, I suppose, is one of may ways to sort real estate. But before doing so, readers might want to understand the method used to compute the score. If I understand correctly, safety from crime, auto crashes, and pedestrian-friendly design are NOT a factor in computing the walkscore. When I think about the so-called walkability of a community, those are factors about which I am concerned.

    There are other ways to sort properties that might be more useful for medical students and others (e.g., neighborhood school quality, price of home, or age of home).

    Looks like the drop-down box is frozen on walkscore. Maybe it’s a glitch on my browser.


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