Charlottesville Twitter Week in Review

I’ve taken to bolding some of my more favorite tweets, and other ones that readers may find interesting. Interesting stories below about the government’s inability to positively affect the real estate market, walking and biking’s importance to real estate, not paying mortgages increases consumer spending and a whole lot more.

  • The Impact of Government Intervention on the Foreclosure Crisis | ForeclosureTruth #
  • Just saw a great bumper sticker – “Buy Local. Save your job.” #
  • I just became the mayor of Starr Hill Brewery on @foursquare! #
  • In my clients’ new home and it’s so much better than anyone expected. #
  • Darn. Came within 4 of being Bodo’s 1000th customer. #
  • Met with another client today who values location – meaning walk- & bike- ability – as paramount. #
  • Planning growth with the intent to retrofit later – brilliant idea – #
  • Realltors who cant speell frustraite me. #
  • Scouring Charlottesville for a copy of “Be Nice to Spiders” book for a client. 6 stores – No luck. #
  • Soccer’s done. Kids had fun. I’m off to meet a new buyer client. #
  • @adrienneEliza yes! in reply to adrienneEliza #
  • Back from vacation and our garden actually has something in it! #
  • Quite jetlagged, but have to get up to coach soccer. #
  • My clients’ new home – courtesy of Latitude 38. #
  • Home. Exhausted. Ready to roll. #
  • RT @Smallchic: @Marijean I think these’s a good little case study brewing for you here: #
  • Boarding to come back home. I’ll be out of communication until about 2:30pm EST. This Continental flight is much cleaner than the United one #
  • Just watched 4 jets take off in succession. Wow. #
  • RT @pearsonified: lma0z RT @copyblogger “I don’t have a microwave oven, but I do have a clock that occasionally cooks shit.” ~Mitch Hedberg #
  • Last day in Hawaii. Never really decompressed/relaxed but am immensely happy we came. Maybe I’ll smoke my cigar tomorrow night. #fb #
  • @cvillenewscom thanks. Been a bit out of local news loop this week. in reply to cvillenewscom #
  • The Old Trail bear was put down? Says a commenter on #
  • At the top of Diamond Head crater #
  • Last morning in Hawaii #
  • @robhahn Walking away from mortgages increases consumer spending. 🙂 in reply to robhahn #
  • RT @mikeroose: @JimDuncan BH&G is hardly international…. Thought this was a Sotheby’s announcement. [ 🙂 ] #
  • RT @CBS19: Charlottesville-Based Real Estate III Announces Partnership with International Real Estate Brand – #
  • “Whatever inspired you to become self-employed?” #
  • RT @tfjtolson: Crozet Master Plan Revision work session at Planning Commission is starting. Sooner than I hoped. #
  • Being 6 hours behind east coast time is very disorienting. #
  • @rerockstar @laniar and, when I think of govt ratings I think of the EPA’s mileage ratings. in reply to rerockstar #
  • @rerockstar @laniar everytime I think of govt regulating something, I look to how well they manage themselves. & then think differently in reply to rerockstar #
  • Black Bear in Old Trail #
  • The Localist put together a list of – Locally roasted coffee in Virginia – well worth the flavor #
  • Rainbow over Hawaii #
  • Taking off. #
  • I should go away more often. One contract ratified & maybe an offer coming in. #
  • @unitedairlines your gate person was astonishingly unfriendly, unhelpful & dismissive. However the one in IAD was the opposite #
  • In LAX for another hour. #

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