Who Finds Homes? Buyers or Realtors?

What (Realtors) need to do is understand that our core competency is no longer finding homes but has become representing clients once we’ve found the home.

This shift became apparent years ago –

The future of today’s Realtor is going to depend more and more on the representation aspect of real estate transactions. Any monkey can do data entry (look at some of the MLS listings and you will think that a monkey could easily have done better; there is no excuse for not putting in at least eight photos with a property). Representing clients is a far more difficult and learned skill.

Representing the minutiae of a transaction – the seemingly little problems that can swiftly become seemingly insurmountable, managing the people and emotions involved, knowing about and doing those aspects of a transaction that can make a transaction a good or a painful memory – those are the parts of this profession that will (become the most important skills).

Being able to successfully represent clients will define the future of this profession.

There’s a reason I point my buyer clients (and readers) to what I believe are the best ways to search for homes in Charlottesville – they know what they want and they frequently have more time to search.

(Frank is a friend who developed and provides the wonderful-to-use franklymls.com)

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