Vetting your Charlottesville Realtor – Like + Experience =

Personally, I’ve never used the term “neighborhood expert” … but what if you could actually vet those Realtors who make such claims?

In a couple weeks, the Houston Association of Realtors will launch a Web application that allows consumers to see which Realtors within their chosen search area are transacting business – and which are not.

Here are the highlights:

  • The app is based on MLS data and will be available from the association’s highly-trafficked Website
  • Every Realtor in the market is included, there is no opt-out
  • The app is map-based, so consumers can see who has sold what, where, over different time periods
  • The app may be made available to MLS organizations nationwide

Let that sink in…

A Realtor association is helping consumers make decisions with clarity, on their own, objectively and with no compromise.

Experience matters as does being a full-time Realtor.

In the Charlottesville area, I see geography as less of a differentiator, niches are important, but making a career as a “specialist” would be nearly impossible – there’s no way one could be solely a “Charlottesville condo specialist” – it could be a significant component of one’s business, but the market is just too spread out … but — combine the above with the announcement(s) from Facebook yesterday

Heck, now you could see how many people Like the Realtor you may be considering hiring.

A quick snapshot of your potential Realtor + an instantaneous review of that person or business by your social network? Priceless. (but a snapshot is only that – it doesn’t encapsulate all that goes into a real estate transaction, whether you might like that Realtor …)

So when you click the new “Like” Facebook button, being very helpful and all, Facebook will update your permanent profile with your new like.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY UPDATE YOUR PROFILE (your news feed to – but forget that -as of today it’s irrelevant) – the PROFILE of your LIKES!

(SIDE NOTE – This also drops Facebook in the middle of the local advertising game – you YELP, you update your facebook PROFILE automatically, I can then create an Ad based on the fact that you “liked” KFC -someone pinch me, I’m still in the dream with Hedi)

People are going to freak out about this and it’s a shame – Facebook does not expose YOUR data specifically – only people who you’ve given permission to as a friend will actually see your profile and I can see this being fantastic way of really keeping in touch – how many of my friends liked “Hurt Locker” for example – that’s the next step of Facebooks evolution, it makes sense. The lads at Facebook GET this.

More on the Houston Association of Realtors’ move at the Real Estate Bloggers.

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  1. ThatGrrl April 22, 2010 at 10:08

    I just deleted my Facebook page this week over new changes in their privacy policy. And I’m not the only one I know who has done so. Admittedly, I’m not a heavy user, but I felt the changes went too far. These are changes of which everyone should be made aware.

    According to at least one reputable blog, your “likes” are in fact public, despite your privacy settings being set to “private.”

    Additionally, developers may now hang on to your data indefinitely.

  2. Doug Francis April 23, 2010 at 14:39

    Wow, that thing in Houston is kind of intimidating, and is going to be another confusing app for consumers. You see, in my market there are agents who work in teams and give all the credit to a “lead” agent. So, he looks like the neighborhood real estate king.

    Meanwhile, it is the underlings who are really doing all the busy work.

    Yes, they are all under the radar!

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