Monday Links – 10 May 2010

The past thirty days – and especially the past seven – in the Charlottesville MLS showed quite an increase in the moving median average home price. The questions are:

– What will the next 90 days look like?

– The next 900?

Moving median average home sale price for Charlottesville MLS

– Signs? Your answer is signs?

High-end homeowners falling into foreclosure trap

6611 Woodbourne Lane in Crozet.

4746 Sugar Hollow Lane.

4886 Dick Woods Road.

Facebook. Not so open. Or trusted.

And the other side of the Facebook privacy argument.

Arizona’s governor goes on the offensive.

– Do we need a “unified database of places”? I think so; but by whom?

If the TSA were Running New York. Every American should read and understand that we don’t have to allow ourselves to be terrorized – by terrorists or our government.

The point of terrorism is not to “destroy.” It is to terrify. And for eight and a half years now, the dominant federal government response to terrorist threats and attacks has been to magnify their harm by increasing a mood of fear and intimidation. That is the real case against the ludicrous “orange threat level” announcements we hear every three minutes at the airport. It’s not just that they’re pointless, uninformative, and insulting to our collective intelligence; it’s that their larger effect is to make people feel frightened rather than brave.

Now, about that year moving median:

Moving median average home sale price for Charlottesville MLS for past year

How’s that for volatility?

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