UVA Comes Back August 21 – Have You Been to the Corner This Summer?

The students are coming the students are coming!

If you haven’t been to The Corner this summer, do so this week.

C-Ville succinctly summed up The Corner’s relationship with year-round Charlottesville residents:

Living locally means living territorially. If you live in Charlottesville, this means avoiding Bodo’s at 9am on a Sunday, Mas at 10pm on a Friday, and The Corner from September through April.

Just like those other fine establishments, however, the Corner has its own peak season—a three-month banquet for the seasonal resident who shuns the balcony seats at Michael’s Bistro or the sales at Finch during the academic year, but gratefully returns each summer. All is forgiven, and all is new.

Once more, each restaurant along University Avenue offers the best seats and eats, and each store offers the best deal—at least, until the next one. Side streets like Elliewood Avenue hold new treasures for you to hopelessly fall for. Fall semester will end your summer fling, but for four idyllic months, the Corner is the place where real locals come together.

I make a point to drive or ride through the Corner a few times over the summer, as during the school year, I usually am on a schedule that does not allow for a frustrating casual drive through the UVA district.

So – go this week or next to one of the restaurants on The Corner. You might not want to go again for another ten months.

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