Twitter Week in Review

  • @ProfessionalOne @Swanepoel duct tape. How can you forget duct tape? #seriously in reply to ProfessionalOne #
  • Home. #
  • RT @BSpinosa: No one showed up for public comment tonight! Kind of shocking. I guess the vocal parents are on vacation this month 😉 #
  • I've been fighting crappy hotel wireless for nearly an hour. On vacation. But … Nearly ratified! #
  • Watching a father have a meltdown. Family & kids not behaving to his liking. #
  • My daughter did this when she was in 2nd grade; I don't know what I would have done if she'd been stopped #
  • @cvcvo @steinarknutsen I think this is what they mean when they say "it's a small world." 🙂 in reply to cvcvo #
  • RT @nartech: Google -Verizon reaction…..what else? RT @HilliconValley: Good morning tech (cont) #
  • @ComcastMelissa I'll DM when you follow me. :). in reply to ComcastMelissa #
  • Beach time. #
  • @ComcastMelissa I'd be grateful if you could make my internet work. 🙂 in reply to ComcastMelissa #
  • I find my clients tend to be (much) more understanding of my taking vacation than I do. Need to work on that. #
  • Seriously, Comcast? You choose now to go down for the 1st time in months? When I'm uploading a video for a client? #
  • RT @KristenCarr: #RPR is coming out of beta! V1.O released next Monday. I can't wait! Fun stuffs. #
  • Matchmaking and facilitating. #
  • RT @RyanSAdams: A sense of entitlement is the primary plague of all progress. The market doesn't owe you (cont) #
  • The way I figure, giving double red blood cells = double the good karma. #backtowork #
  • RT @dcagle: Funny cartoon about Michelle Obama's taxpayer-funded vacation #tcot #
  • Giving double red blood cells feels weird. #cville #omni #
  • RT @CVilleKim: Maybe we should have a tweetup at the Broadcasters for Blood Drive today at the Omni. Sound like lots of folks are going. #
  • Getting ready to give a bit of blood (@ Omni Charlottesville Hotel) #
  • Time to show a few houses. Then soccer. If I could have three more days before Tuesday, that'd be grrreat. #
  • @TomRoyce I kind of respect their ability to take a "damn the peasants, let them eat cake" mentality in the midst of severe recession. in reply to TomRoyce #
  • RT @TomRoyce: Ah our leadership in action – and #

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