More Fiber in Coming to Charlottesville?

It would appear that the google won’t be bringing fiber to Charlottesville. Blue Ridge Internetworks already has several miles of fiber in the City of Charlottesville, and now more fiber is on the way?

This can only be good for the Charlottesville real estate market. More internet infrastructure qualifies as a “good thing” … particularly if it’s privately done.

I wonder how they define “Charlottesville”?

From a press release this morning:

Charlottesville, VA (Vocus) August 26, 2010 — FiberLight, LLC, announced today it has begun construction of a 46-mile direct connection from Culpeper, Virginia to Charlottesville, Virginia. The completely underground fiber optic network will use enhanced fiber for lower latency and provide a diverse route to companies in Charlottesville seeking mission critical, high capacity optical transport to the greater Washington D.C. area. The network will be directly connected to FiberLight’s vast multi-ringed 500+ mile network linking the high-density government and enterprise corridor encompassing Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and greater Baltimore, all 100% underground.

“FiberLight’s investment in fiber optic infrastructure to connect Charlottesville back to Culpeper and the rest of Northern Virginia is a significant event for Virginia’s technology and business community. Fiber optic connectivity offered by networks such as FiberLight, enables a new low latency, high speed, open access route directly connecting key data centers, Internet exchanges and government facilities. This project is significant also as it continues FiberLight’s private investment into the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Jim Duffey, Virginia Secretary of Technology. “Virginia supports companies like FiberLight which provide the infrastructure necessary to support expanding the state’s revenue base while improving business opportunities for Virginians.”

As one of the nation’s leading providers of mission critical, high performance fiber optic networks, FiberLight is building on its successful initiative started in 2009, when it constructed a self-funded 136-mile diversely routed fiber network connecting to the NAP of the Capital Region in Culpeper, Virginia. The new network is in response to demand by government and enterprise customers seeking high-bandwidth transport for the purposes of data replication, data security and low latency transport of voice, video and data to offsite locations.

Charlottesville, like other mid-sized markets across the country, is dynamically changing its economic environment by leveraging technology and connectivity. FiberLight has been at the forefront to enable technological changes, bringing access to key application and content exchange points within milliseconds of any business, government facility or educational institution connected to the network.

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