YAT – Yet Another Study in Albemarle

If Albemarle/Charlottesville/UVA could somehow morph their collective expertise from commissioning studies about transportation issues into actually doing something about transportation issues, we would all win.

From today’s C-Ville:

When the Albemarle County Planning Commission unanimously approved the 54-acre rezoning of UVA’s Fontaine Research Park in July, it did so without specifically including the most scrutinized piece of park property: a plot of land reserved for the Sunset/Fontaine Connector. One month later, the planning commission signed off on the same request to allow for more commercial space, updated to clarify the land reserved by the UVA Foundation for the path it favors.
“We’re looking forward to the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 8 as a final step,” says Fred Missel, UVA Foundation’s Director of Design and Development, of the park’s rezoning.

But while the UVA Foundation is committed to building the connector, a route between Fontaine and Sunset avenues—first recommended in 2004 in a study produced by the city, county and UVA—is yet to be finalized. Now, a new study by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission will examine the UVA Foundation’s preferred path, along Stribling Avenue, as well as other routes that might lower costs to the county.

More at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

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