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Help Kickstart Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Education Coverage

I’ve long said that I’m better positioned to represent my clients’ best interests because of the knowledge and information that Charlottesville Tomorrow shares.

Now they’re asking for the community’s help to Kickstart their foray into covering the education side of the news.

Charlottesville Tomorrow has provided something extremely valuable – consistent reporting for many years. Here’s hoping they’re able to replicate this success in the school reporting arena.

Keep in mind – “Distance from Schools” and “Quality of Schools” are the two least-likely-to-compromise criteria for home buyers.

* Disclosure: I donated $50.

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Chloramines in Drinking Water – Debate Heating Up in Charlottesville and Albemarle

What’s a chloramine? You’d better find out. Charlottesville Tomorrow reports:

The Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority will hold a public information session on June 21 regarding the proposed use of chloramines as a secondary water disinfectant in the urban water supply starting in 2014.

I’m just starting my research on chloramines and don’t know enough yet to make an informed decision (one of the reasons I’m writing this post – to force myself to read and research chloramines. I know my clients will be interested; drinking water contributes to quality of life, and “quality of life” is one of the most important reasons people move to and stay in Charlottesville-Albemarle.

The EPA says that chloramines are safe, unless you’re a fish or plumbing.

Other concerns with chloramines in drinking water

Chloramines, like chlorine, are toxic to fish and amphibians at levels used for drinking water. Unlike chlorine, chloramines do not rapidly dissipate on standing. Neither do they dissipate by boiling. Fish owners must neutralize or remove chloramines from water used in aquariums or ponds. Treatment products are readily available at aquarium supply stores. Chloramines react with certain types of rubber hoses and gaskets, such as those on washing machines and hot water heaters. Black or greasy particles may appear as these materials degrade. Replacement materials are commonly available at hardware and plumber supply stores.

What types of rubber hoses and gaskets?

Drinking water is relatively cheap in Charlottesville and Albemarle (pdf).

How much would these rates increase if they were to choose the carbon filtration system instead of adding chloramines?

Chlormines in Charlottesville’s drinking water are yet another reason to live in Crozet:

Starting in 2014, the RWSA intends to replace chlorine with chloramines as the second step in the water treatment process, a project with capital costs of $5 million. The water treatment plants in Crozet and Scottsville, however, are recommended to receive a carbon filtration system with continued use of chlorine.

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Homebuyers – Caution on Radon, Builders’ Reps and No Representation

Second issue, (The builder) missed his 11-month walk through of our home and it was encroaching upon our 12- month (final inspection of the home), so my husband and I agreed to have an official home inspector come into our home (as we know nothing about home construction). … Upon hearing the findings and what they meant we conducted research for remediation and also contacted (The builder) and set up an appointment to go over the findings of the inspection (the inspector also disclosed he had conducted the radon tests in (The Neighborhood) and stated that (The builder) knew he had a radon issue because one of his home sales almost did not go through until (The builder) remediated the issue). … We immediately contacted a mediator to address the issue (when the location of the home was made known to the remediator (Radon Company), the owner stated he remediated the other homes in (The Neighborhood) and this could have been prevented/mediated during the building process or prior to sale of the home if already constructed). … (The builder) returned an email that stipulated he would accept no responsibility for the radon issue but agreed to put 250 dollars towards the remediation, “because we were good people and had contributed to the neighborhood”.   The total cost of inspection and remediation is 1175 dollars.

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Charlottesville’s Getting a Movie Theater

After years of complaints, Charlottesville (Albemarle) is (probably) getting a movie theater with stadium seating. Following Waynesboro’s lead , Albemarle’s Planning Commission has narrowly approved plans for a new theater at the Hollymead Town Center . An aside to Charlottesville’s paid journalists: Which took longer to get approval – the theater in Waynesboro or Albemarle?

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YAT – Yet Another Study in Albemarle

From today’s C-Ville : When the Albemarle County Planning Commission unanimously approved the 54-acre rezoning of UVA’s Fontaine Research Park in July, it did so without specifically including the most scrutinized piece of park property: a plot of land reserved for the Sunset/Fontaine Connector.

…“We’re looking forward to the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 8 as a final step,” says Fred Missel, UVA Foundation’s Director of Design and Development, of the park’s rezoning. But while the UVA Foundation is committed to building the connector, a route between Fontaine and Sunset avenues—first recommended in 2004 in a study produced by the city, county and UVA—is yet to be finalized. Now, a new study by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission will examine the UVA Foundation’s preferred path, along Stribling Avenue, as well as other routes that might lower costs to the county.

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Weekly Charlottesville Real Estate Market Update – June 1 2010

Look back at the data from the first of the year … analysis of “where we are now” coming soon. It is too soon to pull the data on sold homes in the Charlottesville region via the Charlottesville MLS; usually it takes a few days for all the transactions to be entered.

…Briefly: 1 – If you’re a buyer, be patient and informed. … Number of single family homes put under contract in Charlottesville/Albemarle between 1 May and 31 May: Number of properties put under contract in the Charlottesville MSA between 1 May and 28 May: Real estate prices just for the City of Charlottesville, comparing median prices in the top and bottom quartiles: Real estate inventory just for the City of Charlottesville, comparing inventory levels in the top and bottom quartiles: I’m thinking the dip might have something to do with the homebuyer tax credit.

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