Charlottesville is #6 – #6 College Town, That Is

I’m betting that for this list, they are considering “Charlottesville” to be at least “Charlottesville + Albemarle.”

Simply put, the Charlottesville area is a great place to live. We benefit from the University tremendously – and this is reflected in the rankings.

From USA Today:

“Most students and their parents think about location in a vague way. They have a general impression of locales, but they don’t have much solid information, and it’s hard to compare one to another. And that’s what we’re trying to do — so they can get a picture of that,” Lynch says.

The organization identified 222 metropolitan statistical areas with at least 15,000 students, based on U.S. Census Bureau standards, and then chose the top 75. It then ranked cities in four population categories, from the largest metro areas to small college towns. The rankings are based on 12 criteria in three general categories: academic environment (with an eye toward factors such as student diversity and degree attainment), quality of life (arts and leisure, cost of living, etc.) and professional opportunity (such measures as earning potential, unemployment rate, entrepreneurial activity).

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