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Charlottesville Sellers and Homeowners – Take Pictures of Your House NOW!

This is why: Grayrock Neighborhood in Crozet in the Fall Even if you’re not planning to sell your house in Charlottesville or Crozet in the Spring, you might in two years … and the colors this year are really quite wonderful. … If you are thinking about putting your house on the market in the spring, now is the time to start prepping . … And I just happen to have a lovely house on the market there as well . /shamelessplugformyclients Here’s another thought: If you do think that you might be looking for a Realtor in the spring, start now. … We work with quite a few and I would be happy to recommend some for you.

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Home Sales Trends in Virginia – From Virginia Association of Realtors

Albemarle, Augusta, Bath, Buena Vista City, Charlottesville City, Fluvanna, Greene, Harrisonburg City, Highland, Lexington City, Nelson, Rockbridge, Rockingham,Staunton City,Waynesboro City

This is the moving median average price for homes in the Charlottesville MLS for the past four years. Moving Median Price for homes in Charlottesville MSA – So for all intents and purposes, the report is somewhat irrelevant as it speaks to such a broad region. – Because Virginia is a non-judicial state, we most likely won’t be affected by the robo-signing issues. – Analysis of past two recessions compared to this one. This recessions’ recovery is stronger than 1991 and 2001, doesn’t feel like it due to in part to consumer confidence . – Three consecutive months of positive job growth in the state.

Virginia Association of Realtors 3rd Quarter 2010 Home sales press release (PDF) and I’ll post the podcast when it’s up. Sales and Inventory for homes in Charlottesville MSA  (PDF) — Check out the new graphs at the bottom .

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Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here – Part 2 – Video

When we were meeting a few weeks ago, they were looking at the faxes I used to send them, discussing the websites I used to put up for them – photos of neighborhoods, areas, houses, etc. and we were talking about how things have changed and evolved since then. … Now, video is ubiquitous and more consumers now have and use high speed internet: 201010190838.jpg But, it is important to recognize that only two thirds of Americans have broadband access at home: The adoption of broadband internet access slowed dramatically over the last year .

…For example: if I put a video up of a property I’m marketing and use my primary youtube account (the easiest way to upload and share video) I can be and will be flagged for “branding” because the consumer can find me via youtube. – The Consumer Doesn’t Care about Realtors’ squabbles about branding. … Part One – Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here – Interactive Floorplans Part Two – Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here – Real Estate Video Part Three – Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here – Paperless Transactions .

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C-Ville and The HooK Investigate Biscuit Run

But the Biscuit Run acquisition process, from start to finish, was a hasty affair that involved no public input and a network of businessmen and politicians with close ties. No one who negotiated the deal could control how much taxpayers paid—the decision is left to a few unelected bureaucrats in the state tax department.

…It is about something far more prosaic, and possibly more disturbing—how influential people align their interests and justify their actions by saying they did it for you and me. For background on Biscuit Run, do as I do and turn to the archives and, better yet, Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Biscuit Run archives .

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