Peak Week (that is – Fall Foliage) in Charlottesville Area

Fall Foliage – It’s the time of year that highlights why I/we continue to live in the Charlottesville area. Every year I force the family to go for a drive – however brief – to take in the changing colors of fall.

My two cents? Go for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Skyline Drive.

Life is short. Enjoy the colors. Thanks to the Virginia Department of Forestry for putting together their “first ever … Recommended Fall Foliage Driving Tours.”

So, you’re interested in seeing some of the beauty that is Virginia during Fall Foliage season? But you don’t want to fight the traffic that clogs some of the best-known places, such as Skyline Drive?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Virginia Department of Forestry VDOF) is proud to present its first ever VDOF-Recommended Fall Foliage Driving Tours. And who better than the folks who know Virginia’s trees best to provide you with routes that will expose you to some of the Commonwealth’s most colorful tree-lined vistas?

Each of these tours – designed by a local VDOF forester- is sure to exceed your expectations and fill your eyes with wide swatches of vibrant yellows, reds and oranges. And, because these recommended drives are “off the beaten path,” you’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely trip without the hassles of a lot of traffic on the road or large crowds at stops along the way. Simply choose one of the tours below, print out the route and take it with you as you enjoy the “leaf-peeping” in Virginia!

* Charlottesville area: Greene County.

Fall Foliage | Virginia Department of Forestry

You never know – you might not be here next year.

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