Fall Foliage and Festivals in Charlottesville

Fall is the best time of year in Charlottesville; Spring is a close second. The number of fall festivals in the Charlottesville area is amazing.

I closed with this last year; this year I’ll lead with it:

Enjoy the colors, because you never know; you might not be here next year.

Fall Foliage in Charlottesville

Question from a reader: I am planning a trip to Charlottesville to photograph the fall folliage. It is a day trip and I am trying to figure the best place to go.

Answer: Anytime between the second week of October and the second week of November.

This is a drive that I would recommend – go from Charlottesville to the Blue Ridge Parkway and then to the Skyline Drive. Be patient. It’s likely to be busy … I assume that the recession is resulting in more staycations this year.

Some lodging recommendations in Crozet

More information at the Virginia Department of Forestry’s site.

UVA’s Climatology Office has a useful page of links.

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