Holiday Things to do in Charlottesville

From a client:

Was wondering if you could recommend someplace to cut-your-own Christmas tree farm? Also, where would a cute little 4yr old boy find Santa in C’ville? Lastly, any Christmas activites/events that are a must go to??

I’m wondering, too – where is the best “real” Santa in the Charlottesville area?

There are so many options, too many really, so here are a few of my picks –

(( Update 29 October 2012: I’ll be updating this post in about a month with events for 2012 ))

Cut your own Christmas Tree; (try this site too) sadly, the farm where I cut down trees when I was a kid is now a subdivision in Earlysville.

Find out more Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday events at Albemarle Family, Suzy Said,

And finally – the rumors swirl each year –

Of course Chalbemarle is the center of the universe. Whatever town can say a doctor suess story was based on their town. Seriously though, is the Grinch based on Charlottesville? Whoville=Hooville, Moutain Grinch lives on = Monticello Moutain, Insanely perfect town=Charlottesville???

Is it true?
Are Grinches from Cville?
Was Dr. Seuss a Hoo?
Probably not,
Closer to no,
But it’s kinda cool,
To think that it’s so.

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  2. Todd Hawkins November 30, 2010 at 12:34

    In alluding to the Earlysville tree farm of yesteryear, you must be referring to either one of two possibilities and I know them both as we got our family trees there. I lived on Indian Spring Farm for two years in that old 1850’s farm house that was eventually torn down. It was cool seeing Christmas trees out in the field all year long, especially when it snowed. Saddens me to see development on that beautiful land.

    I’d like to give a shout out to Len Lamb and the folks at Corner Store in Ruckersville (next to Sheetz). It’s not a farm but they’ve got really nice, fresh trees. Picked out our all-time best Saturday.

  3. downtownevy November 30, 2010 at 12:56

    Jim- There is a great, family-owned tree farm near Pantops across from the Hilton Garden Inn. It is not very large but the prices are very reasonable and the selection is good.


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