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“Charlottesville” is a great “holiday town”

“Charlottesville” is a great “holiday town” … whatever that means.

Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked Charlottesville as #22 in their list of “America’s Best Towns for the Holidays.”

Two notes:

1) I’ve gleefully driven through the Corner multiple times since (most of) the students have departed; it’s so much quieter right now.

2) I put “Charlottesville” in quotation marks as the Magazine clearly means “the Charlottesville area” …

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Holiday Things to do in Charlottesville

From a client:

Was wondering if you could recommend someplace to cut-your-own Christmas tree farm? Also, where would a cute little 4yr old boy find Santa in C’ville? Lastly, any Christmas activites/events that are a must go to??

I’m wondering, too – where is the best “real” Santa in the Charlottesville area?

There are so many options, too many really, so here are a few of my picks –

(( Update 29 October 2012: I’ll be updating this post in about a month with events for 2012 ))

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Recycle Those Christmas Trees in Charlottesville and Albemarle

View Christmas Tree Recycling in Charlottesville-Albemarle in a larger map From the County of Albemarle : Trees will be recycled into free mulch for the public It’s almost that time of year again! As in the past, the Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Dept will host its annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program beginning December 26, 2009 through January 16, 2010. … Shortly after the City’s curbside pick up, the County and City Parks & Recreation crews will team up to chip the estimated 2600 trees at Darden Towe Park. … The sites are as follows : – Chris Greene Lake in Earlysville – Crozet Park – Darden Towe Park – Greenwood Community Center * – Rivanna Solid Waste Authority Recycling Center on McIntire Road (*note: Sunday hours are 12noon – 5pm) – Scottsville Community Center – Walnut Creek Park The recycling location on McIntire Road may be congested; please consider Darden Towe Park as an alternate location that is less congested and is suited better for large loads and contract haulers.

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Grinches in Charlottesville

That particular rumor started in correlation with the rumor that How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ “Hoos down in Hooville” was based somehow on a certain local university’s Hoos down in Hooville. … While killing Charlottesville urban legends – the HooK dispels the one about Rio Road (why the i in Rio pronounced as one says “eye” – lÄ«t -) “Rio,” which means “river” in Spanish, was most likely used as a name for the old mill and bridge on this road because of their proximity to the Rivanna River.

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