What I think about WikiLeaks

Can be summed up in these two posts:

Wikileaks and the Long Haul

Like it or Not, Wikileaks is a media entity.

Why post these here?

1 – I don’t want to lose these stories, and my blog is my repository.

2 – Transparency in real estate has been a theme on this blog for years.

3 – I am deeply troubled, and have been for years with the direction our government has taken. In short, I do not feel represented; in fact I feel as if I am seen as an obstacle by those who presumably represent me (and my clients).

4 – I give and demand honesty of my clients; are my expectations out of whack for those whom we elect?

5 – Read both articles and discussions in their respective entireties.

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  1. Will Brown December 7, 2010 at 19:29

    Page renders odd on iPad. Some field input size overflows (find-a-home area), and the twitter box in the bottom right plops in the top left, overlaying whatever’s there. Also, I tried to post this from the iPad, and it didn’t seem to take. fwiw


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