Housing Stories to Confuse Even Those of you Really Paying Attention

Buying a home now is a no-brainer

That said, the key point to remember is this: Buying a fairly priced home at today’s rates may be the best deal you will ever get. And who knows? It may even turn out to be a good investment.

I know this – opportunities are being seized and lost in this real estate market.

BUT, as pointed out to me on Twitter:

What’s a home worth? Pick a number, any number. Multiple appraisals. By different appraisers. At different times, under different conditions, all arriving at different prices, frustrating and confounding buyers and sellers. Until all buyers are cash buyers, we’re going to depend on the system. This story is a must-read for any real estate consumer.

And THEN (I’ve been saying this for years, often in opposition to many of my colleagues in the real estate world:

– From VARBuzz – Is Homeownership for Everyone? Short answer: NO.

Buying a home isn’t for everyone, but excellent housing opportunities abound for those who plan to stay in the same geographic area for the years to come.

Just looking for trends in the Charlottesville real estate market (PDF)

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