10 Ways to “What is the Best Neighborhood in Charlottesville?”

1 – excelling all others
2 – most productive of good : offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction

What is the best neighborhood in Charlottesville?” is one of the more common search queries bringing visitors here. I have catalogued some of the Charlottesville neighborhoods over the years, and will be making an effort to rejuvenate this series in 2011.

The short answer to this question is, “it depends” – on how you define “best.”

1 – Define “Charlottesville” – is it Charlottesville proper? or Charlottesville and Albemarle? or Charlottesville MSA – including Fluvanna, Greene, Nelson, Louisa?

2 – Close to the Downtown Mall.

3 – Best to you could be “walking distance to work” or close to work.

4 – Or “Walking distance to school”

5 – Or close to the kids (Charlottesville is good for retirees and to retire young)

6 – Or “just far enough from mom and dad that they’re not over every day but can babysit” and they’re not right across the street.

7 – Or “Best resale value over the past twenty years” and best projected resale value over the next ten years.

8 – Or “Best new construction” quality and value

9 – Or “Best architecture”

10 – Or “it just fits perfectly what I and my family are looking for.”

My advice – seek out #10 and work back from there.

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