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What I think about WikiLeaks

Can be summed up in these two posts: Wikileaks and the Long Haul Like it or Not, Wikileaks is a media entity . … 3 – I am deeply troubled, and have been for years with the direction our government has taken. In short, I do not feel represented ; in fact I feel as if I am seen as an obstacle by those who presumably represent me (and my clients). 4 – I give and demand honesty of my clients; are my expectations out of whack for those whom we elect?

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A Good Real Estate Agent is Like …

Situation awareness (SA) involves being aware of what is happening around you to understand how information, events, and your own actions will impact your (clients’) goals and objectives, both now and in the near future.

…I swiftly put together a package for the condos that met his criteria , color-coded with maps and detailed information – and he was out the door in twenty minutes. … It’s surprising to think that I have been doing this for nearly ten years, have met the 10,000 hour rule , know those whom perceive to the the “right” people – the best in their respective fields – and still find myself learning something each and every day. Perhaps the two most important traits to success in the real estate (or wider) world: – An Insatiable desire to learn. – Ability to know when and whom to ask for help.

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Mortgage Interest Deduction On the Chopping Block?

My argument against the Mortgage Interest Deduction being negated is less about its fundamental nature to the stability of the housing market and more to the point that politicians wield power that we should not permit them to have.

… Proposed : 12% non-refundable tax credit available to all taxpayers; Mortgage capped at Mortgage Interest $500,000; No credit for interest from second residence and equity But for now, I’ll be contacting my politicians* who ostensibly “represent” me and telling them that my opinion is that they: 1) Leave the Mortgage Interest Deduction alone.

…In a nutshell, homes are more affordable because the majority of homes are used and are not taxed, the interest paid on new homes at a lower rate is untaxed, new home prices do not bear taxes imposed upstream, and the saving and investment needed to buy homes is not taxed multiple times.

…Educate yourself : – The Opening Salvo of the Housing War: Mortgage Interest Deduction – Realtors® Say Mortgage Interest Deduction Vital to Home Ownership, Economy – FairTax and Housing * But not Tom Perriello; he is no longer accepting email .

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