Top 5 Trends to Affect Charlottesville’s Housing Market in 2011

Not necessarily in order of importance:

1 – Gas Prices

2 – Foreclosures (What if Virginia becomes a judicial foreclosure state)?

3 – Short sales, continuing decline of market value (I think we’re looking at ~ 5% – 7% decline this year)

4 – Realtor Competency

5 – Confidence.

6 – Federal Governments’ interference

7 – Employment rates – at UVA, NGIC, DIA, State Farm, etc. and all of Charlottesville areas’ small businesses.

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  2. Houses for Sale MN January 11, 2011 at 04:33

    You think there is another 5-7% decline in Charlottesville’s residential prices in store for 2011? Here in Minneapolis, we are seeing some signs of inventory absorption (maybe artificial?), and I was assuming that the greater D.C. area was a year “ahead” of us in regards to leading the nation out of the housing slump.


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