Terremark in Culpeper Sold to Verizon

This news seems more interesting in light of the Fiberlight news from earlier today.

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From Data Center Knowledge:

Verizon will acquire colocation and cloud hosting provider Terremark for $1.4 billion in a deal that will accelerate the telecom provider’s push into cloud computing. Verizon will pay $19.00 in cash for each share of Terremark, about a 35 percent premium to the stock’s closing price of  $14.05 a share.

Verizon (VZ) said the acquisition will accelerate its “everything-as-a-service” cloud computing strategy by adding a portfolio of secure, scalable cloud solutions, along with Terremark’s large base of business and government customers. Verizon also gets Terremark’s global network of 13 data centers,  including the NAP of the Americas in Miami, the NAP of the Capital Region data fortress in Culpeper, Virginia and facilities in Silicon Valley, Dallas, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Verizon plans to operate Terremark (TMRK) as a wholly-owned subsidiary, retaining the company’s brand and current management team.

So … our part of the state will soon have Fiberlight’s fiber optic network (presumably to DIA and NGIC) and Verizon’s buying a huge data center?

For some reason, these two announcements make me think that things may be looking up. Now … how does a real estate agent in Charlottesville capitalize on such developments?

More at Mashable.

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