Four Positive Signs about the Charlottesville Real Estate Market

1 – Stabilizing real estate assessments – some are legitimately up, some are legitimately down; while they are irrelevant to market value – they do affect consumer sentiment & perspective.

2 – Unemployment has declined to a two year low. (more)

3 – I am hearing this more and more from buyers with whom I am working:

“She is in no immediate rush but she is aware that this is probably the bottom of the market so would like to capitalize on that.”

4. Fiberlight . I just returned from FiberLight’s ribbon cutting ceremony at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville, and I am very excited about what they are doing, what they plan to do and what this may mean for the Charlottesville region. More to come on how this will affect businesses, consumers and most importantly (to me at least), the Charlottesville real estate market.

Update 3 February 2011: Blue Ridge Internetworks reminds me that they have already run fiber to 50 buildings in Charlottesville. Impressive.

Fiberlight EVP Ben Edmond talking today at the Omni in Charlottesville
I’m under no illusions that our market continues to struggle, and underemployment is a significant issue. As one of my clients said last night when introducing me to someone, “I’m honest and don’t blow smoke up … ” (thank you!) The Charlottesville MSA real estate market has a ways to go, but I’m cautiously optimistic, with a large dose of realism.

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  1. foreclosurelistingsnationwide February 3, 2011 at 21:16

    I’m glad to see things are looking up in Charlottesville. Hopefully this is an indicator that the rest of the country will be picking up as well.

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