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Search for homes to your heart’s content. I’ll never spam you. For real.


I don’t spam. Never have. But some people still use bogus names when registering for the home search tool on And then someone said to me – you know what you mean when you say, “no spam,” but they don’t know what you mean.


Hi, Jim Duncan with Nest Realty and here in Charlottesville, Virginia talking about the spam policy on with respect to my home search tool. I think my detailed home search tool is pretty sweet. It’s why I got it a couple of years ago because I wanted to help people be able to search for homes effectively in Charlottesville and I have a policy on there that says: “no spam, ever, period,” and for me, that’s simple. It means I’m not going to send you unsolicited e-mail, messages, Facebook, texts, anything, phone calls, etc., just because I hate spam too and I mean it when I say: “no spam period.” When you sign up, you’ll get an automated e-mail saying “thank you,” and I do mean it. It’s automated, but I mean it, and that’s it. I won’t contact you in any way, shape, or form every again.

My name is Jim Duncan. I write My phone number is (434) 242-7140. My e-mail is If you get some sort of unsolicited communication from me, please, call me, e-mail me, contact me and tell me because more than likely I don’t know about it. It’s some automated process that’s set up and I’ll fix it. So please, search for homes at your heart’s content, even you Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Saddam Hussein. I’d rather you use your real name. It just makes me feel better, but that’s it. My name is Jim Duncan. I hope you have a good day.

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