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Blue Mountain Brewery is Growing

Blue Mountain Barrel House and Organic Brewery is a 10,000 square foot production-only facility for the 10 lines of Blue Mountain beer that will be kegged or bottled in 750ml corked bottles and undergo 100% natural refermentation. … The advantages of the Colleen Business Park, water quality, as well as the opportunity to expand in the same locality are the reasons that Blue Mountain chose Nelson County for the site of its production facilities. … Although the two breweries will be production-oriented and not include a restaurant area such as the Blue Mountain Brewery pub in Afton, there will be a tasting area at both facilities, as well as a beer garden patio shared by both breweries for public tours and tastings. … “The CVEC Board of Directors was enthusiastic in authorizing the sale of land to Blue Mountain Brewery because these two production and bottling operations fulfill the purpose of developing the Colleen Business Park in partnership with Nelson County and the Service Authority.”  

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Preserving Homeownership Workshop – 30 April 2011

These are difficult times for many; if you have questions, think you might be underwater, might be selling, want to see what your options are, please try and make time tomorrow from 9 to 11 to attend this workshop.

…CAAR recognizes the impacts of the economy and in addition to offering resources at this workshop, provides a Foreclosure Prevention Toolkit available on the CAAR website ( ) for those who may be facing foreclosure. … We as REALTORS are not just concerned about getting people in homes; we also want to keep them in their homes,” says Trey Durham, CAAR Public Affairs Group member and Co-Chair of the workshop planning committee. … For those who have defaulted or are in imminent danger of defaulting on their mortgage payments, information will be presented that may help preserve ownership through bankruptcy.

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Bypass, Skyscrapers, Bike Lanes – What Infrastructure does Charlottesville (City) Need?

Might as well tell them . (of course, I’d wager there would be different votes should the follow up question be: now that you have expressed your wishes, would you be willing to pay for these improvements?) The poll is on the City of Charlottesville website . … Other: Real cooperation between the localities on infrastructure collaboration that is inclusive of all forms of transit – pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle – that is focused on what is good for the entire community. City of Charlottesville infrastructure survey “… in the next 5 years …” I don’t know if that’s optimistic, delusional or dishonest.

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What Does “Livability” Mean in Charlottesville/Albemarle/UVA?

What do they hope to produce that will allow people of the Central Virginia region to move from here to there more efficiently, whether on foot, bike or automobile? … These include: • A performance measurement system, • a common land-use and transportation map, • identification of specific “livability strategies,” • recommendations for changes to local regulations, and • a plan for voluntary changes by the public and organizations to improve livability in the community.

…“It’s an opportunity to get in and learn a little bit about what we have been doing in past plans that gets us where we are right now,” said Cilimberg. “Part of this is a little bit of history and how we have evolved to where we are as a community in our planning processes.”

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New App Makes Me Regret not getting a 3G iPad

Two reasons to love and be impressed by the new app : 1 – Draw – exactly that. Draw a search area, not limited by realtors’ or localities often vague, wrong or amorphous neighborhood descriptions 2 – Scout – homes for sale pop up as you drive around a neighborhood. (wish I’d gone 3G) If you are a Realtor with an iPad, download this app . If you are a consumer with an iPad, download this app .

… I’ve been using this app for a couple days now, and everyone I have shown it to has been floored by the simplicity, the brilliance, the functionality, the (actual quote) “holy s**t, this is what real estate search on a tablet should be.”

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