400 More Homes on Pantops? What Could Go Wrong?

The Newsplex notes that “the Albemarle County Supervisors heard a proposal for a Pantops Ridge Development. The developer wants to bring around 400 homes to the Pantops area near Hansen’s Mountain Road and Route 250.”

Charlottesville Tomorrow, in typical detailed fashion, provides much more information on the public hearing.

If you’re interested (and you should be, if you live in the Pantops area), learn about this development. Start at Albemarle County’s site, this pdf of last night’s agenda, and then spend some time at Charlottesville Tomorrow’s site.

Map of US 250 & Hansens Mountain Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22911 - Bing Maps.jpg

The traffic in and out of Pantops now is a daily bottleneck. That a developer would seek a rezoning of this scale that would add thousands of vehicle trips a day without submitting a traffic study is indicative of either ignorance, arrogance or indifference.

Don’t miss the eminent domain threat noted in the Charlottesville Tomorrow story, either:

However, Rooker said the proffer language calling for the road could be interpreted in such a way that the county would have to condemn property.

“If Spurzem makes an offer and the property owner declines, this puts the onus on the county to condemn the property,” Rooker said. “We don’t want to be in a mode where we’ve approved this and he doesn’t have to build the road because we won’t condemn the property.”

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