Somerset Farm – It’s What’s Next

Somerset Farm – Neighborhood centers, pedestrian-oriented, close to downtown Charlottesville … (Newsplex)

– “The Albemarle Planning Commission has provided significant support to a proposal from local developer Wendell Wood to move more than 317 acres along Route 20 south of Charlottesville into the designated growth area. If ultimately approved after further study, the project would represent a significant change for Albemarle’s Comprehensive Plan.”
(Charlottesville Tomorrow)

From the Comprehensive Plan Report:

Neighborhoods centers would be developed as focal points for congregating. These central districts could include commercial or civic spaces that provide services, employment opportunities and gathering places for residents, reminiscent of European and pre suburban American villages

They are offering to put nearly 300 acres in preservation development.

How cool would it be if a development came forth offering transportation solutions other than “could be served by a bus line” as part of the rezoning request?

Somerset Farm Comp Plan Amendment Report– (PDF)

Somerset Farm Comp Plan Attachment (PDF)


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