But, I Didn’t Know that Field Was Going to Change!

The Rivanna District Supervisors campaign and election are big. (and I can’t vote in it as it’s not my district)

I don’t see how “blaming others” is a position I’d want to run on in Albemarle County : (bolding mine)

Because, you see, one of the things I learned right away about Albemarle County is while in many ways the leadership of the County had gotten ahead of the curve in planning for the future, the plan wasn’t always clearly understood and pressures between growth and development, traffic, infrastructure requirements and quality of life have been at play. I learned the hard way that a major development, North Pointe, was planned for the large parcel of land across the street from me, which was a surprise and not disclosed by the real estate agents. I learned that much of the conflict between residents and developers grew from a lack of understanding of the comprehensive plan for the County and future landuse. I also learned that sometimes the process wasn’t as transparent as it should be and that financial pressures made for strange bedfellows between developers and the County.

The Four Corners Principle

If You Don’t Own it, It’s Going to Change

This is why I tell my clients that everything can change

Real estate agents are an easy target –  but really?


Virginia is a caveat emptor state. I try my best to advise my clients that if they don’t own that field over there that it’s going to be a Wal-mart or condos or a road, but beyond that, with growth in Charlottesville and Albemarle (and the US in general) “what’s going to happen?” is always an unknown risk. Assuming otherwise is just silly, short-sighted and a little bit absurd.


– The first time North Pointe was mentioned on Charlottesville Tomorrow was February 09, 2006.

– Cynthia Neff closed on her house May 3, 2006. (see for yourself on Albemarle’s GIS site)

– The first reference I can find to North Pointe on Albemarle’s outstanding County View is March 9, 2004.

– And North Pointe is all over Albemarle.org.

Money in this campaign :

Ken Boyd (her opponent) has raised over $30k so far.

Cynthia Neff has raised nearly $40k so far.


I will be sitting on the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors’ candidate funding task force this year in which we choose to fund candidates.

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