Will Stonefield Hurt Barracks Road?

Dave McNair at the HooK poses the question: “what effect might the coming shops at Stonefield (known for some time as Albemarle Place) have on our existing centers?”

Personally, I don’t mind Barracks Road shopping center. As far as shopping areas go, it’s not bad – it’s open air, has good stores – Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, Greenberry’s Coffee, Barnes and Nobles, Five Guys are among my favorites and is walkable (once there) and is walkable from lots of nearby neighborhoods.

But …

Jim Duncan (jimduncan) on Twitter.jpg

Taking out the only trees in the entire shopping center? From my point of view: stupid.

(I’d still rather shop on Amazon).

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  1. Barbara Hutchinson September 15, 2011 at 02:35

    I like Barracks Road (and remember being dropped off as a tween to hang out in Belk and McDonalds since there was no mall), but hate the crowded parking that seems to be the new norm.  However, I’m not so much a shopper and also love Amazon.  I even have some recurring orders from Amazon Grocery that are much cheaper than local grocers.  I’m a huge fan of online ordering and therefore sing the praises of RelayFoods and HarrisTeeter than make grocery shopping so efficient.

    1. Jim Duncan September 16, 2011 at 06:00

      I don’t have a need now, nor do I foresee one, to go to any of the forthcoming high end stores. Barracks Road doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s or an Imax theatre, both of which are likely the only reasons I’ll be going to Stonefield.

      I do think that the Downtown Mall may be more threatened though.

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