Vacancies on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall

I was walking on the Downtown Mall this morning, and took note of the seemingly large number of vacancies, and thought of this post by Smart Cville.

This is a great visualization of the vacancies on the Downtown Mall over the past few years. I wonder what, if any, impact Stonefield has had.



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Also, the Landmark’s presence remains … although now, it has some nice graffiti.

Talented artist and climber to get to the top of the Landmark.

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  1. Sean Tubbs September 1, 2015 at 07:50

    There don’t seem to be a very large number of vacancies and any that are there will be filled quickly. Businesses have always been coming and going on the mall. I got a bunch of pictures from Waldo Jaquith from the 1990’s and so many of the stores that were then have changed hands since.

    This map would be more useful if you could click on each dot and find out more about the location. I notice that only one of these storefronts has been vacant for the entire period. Of course, it’s the Landmark. It took me going to Google Maps to figure that part out!

    That’s a unique case as the property is in no condition to be useful and it’s in its own special category. As such, maybe it would be good to add a note or classify it differently.

    1. Lucas Ames September 3, 2015 at 16:07

      That’s useful feedback Sean, thanks. I’ll see if I can get the spots to be clickable before the city posts the next report. I shared the entire dataset on the site for anyone to download and play with and get historical or other viewpoints. Or perhaps even for someone to make a map that has clickable links?! I’d be thrilled!


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