Charlottesville’s Food Trucks – They Do Exist!

Who knew Charlottesville had so many food trucks? (this one doesn’t count)

I was inspired to look for Charlottesville’s food trucks in part by this query on Google+

Apparently SF, Boston, and Austin have thriving food truck scenes. These are also tech hubs too. Is there a relation?

Subsequently, we had quite the discussion on Google Plus. Turns out, Charlottesville (led by UVA) has more than a few food trucks. (I had no idea there is a TV show called “The Great Food Truck Race.“) And I’m sure there are several not listed below.

Charlottesville has a burgeoning (if not thriving) tech segment what with the University’s incubators, many, many startups and small tech firms and more. So why not a food truck scene?
Update 14 May 2013: C-Ville has a great rundown of the food trucks in Charlottesville.

Naturally, I’m late to the discovery as C-Ville and the Daily Progress have recently published stories on Charlottesville’s food trucks.

Food trucks serve up alternative dining options at UVa (Daily Progress)

Food trucks, already gone from on-the-fly hotdog-slingers to civic status symbols in foodie-packed cities around the country, are once again breaking new ground. The latest frontier: the University of Virginia. Campus officials are allowing the trucks on Grounds — in the amphitheater to be exact — for a yearlong trial intended to alleviate pressure on dining facilities in Newcomb Hall while the building is renovated.

Outside the Lunchbox – (c-ville)

With Newcomb Hall undergoing an $18 million renovation, UVA Dining Services came up with a student meal solution that falls decidedly outside of the lunchbox. Beginning this fall, on weekdays from 11am to 2pm, six trucks with names like Steak Me Home Tonight, Got Dumplings? and Nacho Panda—park around the UVA Amphitheater to offer students a variety of foods, from Asian-style dumplings to homemade doughnuts.

And Betsy and Charlie are trying out Charlottesville’s food trucks. (an interesting blog where they recount their experiences discovering Charlottesville)

These are a few of the food trucks –

Carpe Donut

Nacho Panda

Whole Foods

I think Charlottesville needs a Food Trucks map á la Los Angeles. We have a @CvilleFoodTruck Twitter account but it’s not updated all that often.

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  2. Luis Dorta January 12, 2012 at 21:09

    Hello Jim,
    My wife and I are thinking of putting up a mobile coffee business saling also baking goods. We went to the Charlottesville city office and talked with Levingston W Plumb and he said permitting was not required, we only need a business license from the city.
    We got the same respond from the Albemarle City County, Charlottesville and Albemarle Police Department and Health Department, and said they don’t give out permits. We just need to notify them when we are ready for business. They also said that we needed to talk with the Agriculture Dept. in Richmon about any license or permitt if my wife is going to make the baking goods. At the end, I feel that we need more info on this, so I was planing to go to the truck vendors and get further information in regards to this. Do you think they might be open for this info?

    Thanks for your help.

  3. grunt December 22, 2012 at 10:17

    C’ville & Alb Co are far from food vendor friendly.


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