Using New Technologies – Does it Help my Clients?

Seth Godin notes:

When you talk about your market or your peers, do you say, “no one is using it…” or “no one is using it yet”? Yet implies inevitability. If they’re going to use it, it might make sense to get there before they do.

That is how I choose to implement technology for my business and my clients. For example:

– I use Basecamp for project/transaction management because it’s simple and benefits my clients. Same as with floor plans.

– I’ve tested QR codes and have found that while they are cool, and somewhat functional, the critical mass in Charlottesville doesn’t yet grok them.

QR Code for Mobile Charlottesville Home Search

– The interactive real estate statistics package is pretty useful – and will be more so once they get all the data right.

My criteria for using new technologies:

1 – Will it benefit my clients?

2 – Will it make be better at what I do?

3 – What’s the cost?

4 – Does replace or supplement something I’m already using?

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  1. Anonymous September 26, 2011 at 11:43

    Good post Jim!  I like your criteria for adopting new technology.  We have a small property management business in my office and I’m trying to find a program that would “do it all.” Keep getting stuck on #3 (cost effectiveness) though.  Maybe in a couple of years that won’t be the case… 

    Curious…  How are you using basecamp for your transaction management?  Would you say it’s better & more cost effective than top producer? 

    1. Jim Duncan September 26, 2011 at 15:29

      Jeff - 

      I use it for timelines, reminders, tasks, documents and sharing. I don’t have experience with top producer other than I looked at it a few years ago and it was bulky, ate my computer, and the data wasn’t exportable … three strikes.


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