Waiting (to Sell your Home) Is the Hardest Part

I think of this song whenever I talk to sellers who are frustrated by their homes not selling.

Put simply:

Sometimes the buyer for your house is not in the market right now.

As a seller, you and your real estate agent:

– could be doing everything right.– the photos look great.
– the marketing is great.
– the ad copy is descriptive and evocative.
– Your house is being syndicated everywhere – Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
– the house’s location is not offensive (and perhaps even good)
– the price could be right (but really, right now, I’d argue that no one knows what a fair value is)

As my former broker used to say, “there’s a dog for every doghouse.” Sometimes, that dog’s not house hunting.

Questions? Ask me.

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