Real Estate and Coaching Soccer – More Similarities than You Know

Like coaching soccer, there’s no manual for practicing real estate representation.

I’ve coached soccer for about 12 years now, first my older daughter for seven years and now I’m in my third year coaching my younger one. Few things bring the the joy, frustration and enduring, lifelong satisfaction as does coaching soccer (more on the community aspect in a later story).

A few weeks ago we were warming up before a game. Mind you, this is U-8 (under 8 years old) soccer – 11 little girls. I was kicking the ball with one of my girls and she suddenly turned away.

She was crying. And I had no idea why.

I put my arm around her, kneeled down beside her and asked what was wrong.

She said, “my mommy and daddy aren’t here to watch me play.” (she had come with another parent)

Heart breaking. and –

This wasn’t in the coaching handbook!

Like life, real estate and soccer, the handbooks (you know, the ones with all the fine print written in invisible ink?) doesn’t cover much of anything useful.

So what do you in this type of situation? Deal with it –

In a compassionate, thoughtful and hopefully successful way. Help her see the proverbial forest – she’s there to play soccer, which she loves – for the trees. As with real estate clients – helping them see beyond the immediate emotional, often visceral response – is crucial to success; and success’ definition varies with each situation.

I’ve coached hundreds of girls over the past ten or twelve years.

I’ve also represented hundreds of buyers and sellers over the past ten years.

The greatest similarity between my girls and my clients and is that every single real estate transaction – and every kid – is different, unique, and an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned since I started.

And I need an open mind with each one.

My goals in each instance are to do my absolute best and that:

1) The girls play soccer for the rest of their lives as I do.
2) My clients are happy with their decisions.

Who knew that coaching soccer would translate into better skills as a real estate broker? Some days I’d be more successful negotiating a $600k transaction than I would be convincing 9 little girls to pass a ball to the open space.

* Both of the above books are affiliate links to the books at Amazon. Meaning, if you purchase them (I do recommend the soccer book) I think I might earn 3.5 pennies. The chances of you buying one of these is slim, but I’d rather disclose than not.

** After every soccer practice, I appreciate these two things:

1 – Good teachers are underpaid.
2 – School class sizes matter. I’m much more able to coach and connect effectively when I have 7 girls in practice versus 11. I have no idea how teachers teach with 25 kids in a class.

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