Belevedere Neighborhood Maturing

I’ve always liked the Belvedere neighborhood; I think it’s a great place – great neighborhood, great location and well-designed energy efficient houses.

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports on how Belvedere is growing up and taking shape.

“The homes are built right by the sidewalk and you can talk to the neighbors when they walk by,” said Perpetua, who is retired and moved here from Pittsburgh. “It’s just a different kind of community.”
Another part of this urban vision is a “civic core,” modeled as a public square, which will include a community meeting space, a Montessori school and facilities for the Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle.

SOCA plans to locate its new headquarters in Belvedere and also has three separate parcels in the works for the neighborhood — a covered indoor field and training facility, a lit all-weather artificial turf field and four natural grass fields.

Bill Mueller, executive director of SOCA, said that final approval for the offices and indoor field in the first parcel was “imminent” and that SOCA would soon start a $4 million fundraising campaign for the facility.

Last night I had an extended conversation via the handy-dandy “Live Support” widget you see to the right with someone about the Belvedere neighborhood. We talked about a lot and I referenced a lot of stories. I thought recapturing those links would be helpful, both for me as a resource, and you as a reader (and prospective buyers)The Belvedere blog

Belvedere in Charlottesville – Now Growing. Fast (May 2011)

Two Years in Belvedere in Charlottesville

Buying new construction without a Realtor? Read this first! – New construction buyers need buyer representation, in different ways than buyers of resale homes and land.

(Single Agent) Dual Agency – Who Benefits? Answer: Not the buyer or seller.

Single Agent Dual Agency is going to be much better defined for and disclosed to consumers next year.

Homebuyers – Caution on Radon, Builders’ Reps and No Representation – This is a cautionary tale. Keep in mind that builders’ reps are not there to represent buyers – they are there to sell houses.

– I give different advice to clients than I do (or can ) to customers. There are very important and stark differences between customers and clients.

This is Belvedere in January 2008:

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