Links for 8 November 2011

To Fix Housing, See the Data – (NYTimes) – The case for principal write downs.

Would Higher Interest Rates boost the Housing Market? – (The Atlantic) –

Local Food: No Elitist Plot (NYTimes)

Making Sense of Home Price Data (Smart Money)

Making Sense: Market Reports all over the place (The HooK)

A soon-to-publish-post will try to provide context to the various home price indices for those in the Charlottesville MSA.

The Economics of City Mouse vs. Country Mouse – (Get Rich Slowly) – Charlottesville provides a good mix of both City (by our definition) and Country (which is easy enough to get to in under 15 -20 minutes. How you want to live will determine where you want to live.

Mind mapping my social networks – next map will be the flow of information.

Social Networking Mind Map

– RealCrozetVA on Google Plus and Facebook

– My real estate page on Google Plus.

Me on Google Plus

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