Forest Lakes and Hollymead -vs- Hollymead Town Center Developers

This will be interesting to watch.

Brendan Fitzgerald at C-Ville reports:

A $3.5 million lawsuit filed by the Forest Lakes Community Association (FLCA) and the Hollymead Citizens Association against some of Albemarle County’s most prominent developers may grow in scope and cost. A lawyer with the Richmond-based Environmental Law Group told C-VILLE last week that the lawsuit, which names Wendell Wood’s United Land Corporation as well as companies tied to Virginia Land Company founder Charles Hurt, will be updated before the year’s end.

One of the best things to take from this lawsuit (particularly for those relocating to the area) is that the Forest Lakes neighborhood has a very active community; have a look at their newsletters (November’s discusses the lawsuit) to get some insight into the conversations and activities they have.

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