Virginia’s General Assembly Reconvening Soon – Pay Attention! (2012 edition)

The Virginia General Assembly reconvenes in 8 days. 8 Days until our part-time legislators make decisions that affect our lives. Start paying attention now at Richmond Sunlight.

Between the House and the Senate, 169 bills have been filed so far. Everything from eminent domain to bicycles not needing to wait two minutes at an intersection, to forcing concealed weapon holders to carry proof of licensure to the “are you freaking kidding me?! – “Causing telephone to ring with intent to annoy. Raises offense from a Class 3 to a Class 2 misdemeanor for causing a telephone or digital pagerto (sic) ring with intent to annoy.”

While you’re getting up to speed, figure out who your legislators are – and then start tracking their bills and votes and contact them. Also, go to VPAP and figure out who’s giving money to whom – for example, the Virginia Association of Realtors’ PAC spent over $30k on entertainment. Politics are expensive. And time-consuming.

Pay attention folks – from the deadly serious to the blindingly stupid, these are our legislators, and we are responsible for them.

– I’m thinking HB 28 is a response to the MERS fiasco.

– The Castle Doctrine just makes sense.

– Good. This should pass.

– I’d like to see a ban on bills celebrating people.

If you’re curious, this is the public portfolio of bills I’m tracking.

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