Choose Your (Social) Friends Wisely – They Could Affect Your Ability to Buy a House

Be warned. Could the time come when “what is your Facebook password” is one of the questions on your loan application?

Beta Beat has an extremely alarming story:

But there’s a nightmare scenario: if banks learn how to use social media, they could gather information they aren’t allowed to ask for on a credit application—including race, marital status and receipt of public assistance—or worse, to redline segments of the social graph.

In other words: choose your online friends wisely, for they may one day determine your APR.

And if you don’t have a Facebook account? Maybe you won’t even be considered for a loan.

(the image above is my social graph on LinkedIn – are we connected?)

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  1. Affordable Real Estate Investm January 9, 2014 at 18:41

    Gosh I hope not. If this does happen, i would just create a tame account that doesnt have my real thoughts and opinions. However, I would shudder that I had to go through the effort.


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