Monday Reads – 20 February 2012

Redfin Gets Traditional – I’ve long admired Redfin – their use of data and technology, their willingness to counter the status quo (and back it up) and their humility and willingness to shift to the market and realize that real estate is about more than data and technology.

… This technology won’t substitute for personal relationships, but personal relationships won’t substitute for technology either. A modern brokerage can’t compete without both, and without creating a new covenant between consumers and agents. The old model is broken in some ways, but it works in others. With Redfin 3.0, our humble hope is to give our customers the best of both.

How can builder confidence improve, single family starts increase sharply, and new home sales be unchanged?

— Are gas prices affecting your decisions? (specifically your “Where should I live” decisions?)

Gas Price Historical Price Charts -
Thanks, GasBuddy.

— I’d probably try to go to this if I had time/connections – How People Learn About Their Local Community in a Digital Age

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