Good Job UVA – Your Impact is Remarkable

It’s hard to imagine UVA’s leadership doing a greater disservice to the University, the Charlottesville community and higher education.

Watching the disaster that is the ousting of UVA’s president will provide conversation, (social media) analysis, fallout and case studies for years to come. Rather than comment on what the ramifications are on the UVA community, the culture of education and how happy I am that my daughter is not going to UVA, here are a few select tweets that begin to describe the tragedy/fiasco/saga/lesson that is the UVA Board of Visitors:

I suspect that very soon, some faculty members will be putting their homes on the market.


If you’re curious, start here and go … expect to spend an hour or so educating yourselves via the stories and comments and threads –

Rector Dragas’ Statement, Translated into Plain English

Dragas shrugged: Defiant rector hires PR firm

#UVA at Twitter

And if there’s a better way to tell a story than Storify, I don’t know it.

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    1. Jim Duncan June 19, 2012 at 21:31

      I’d seen that. This whole thing is a disaster.


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