Landmark Hotel Sold, to be Finished. Hopefully

“The Dewberry”, neé the Landmark, was sold at auction yesterday for $6.5 million. Let’s hope he finishes his Charleston hotel quickly.

The Landmark Hotel in Charlottesville

As noted in the Daily Progress, it won’t be completed anytime soon.

Dewberry said the hotel, which will likely carry his name, won’t be quickly completed. His company is currently building a hotel in Charleston, S.C., out of a former federal building in the city’s downtown. … “We’ll start looking into what we need to do and what changes we can make and we’ll pull people into our huddle that we need to get things done,” he said. “We should have a working design and an idea of where we need to go in 12 months.”

Let’s hope it’s finished sooner rather than later … anyone want to take bets? I’m saying – no sooner than by June 2015.

The Charlottesville Bubble bloggers have a bit more.

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  1. Jim Duncan June 20, 2012 at 07:28

    The more I think about this, the more I’m kind of hoping it just gets torn down.


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