UVA’s Firing Range near Glenmore – Balancing Growth with Long-Term Firing Range

UVA has had a firing range for a long, long time. Residents of the Glenmore neighborhood don’t like listening to it, so they’ve asked UVA for either a quieter range or for it to be moved. UVA, being state-owned, “is not required to seek permission from the county for construction on land it owns.”

Enter stalemate.

And yet –

A question came to me that I’ve been wondering for months –

Has this matter hurt Glenmore house prices yet?

I must say I wouldn’t dream of moving there after learning about this problem.

And this, readers, is why it is absolutely critical for buyers to do their own research on homes and neighborhoods and surroundings; real estate agents (I am one, but I do my absolute best to educate my clients about such matters) are not obligated to discuss/disclose matters outside the four corners of the subject property.

UVa’s in a tough spot – they’ve been there for many decades, while Glenmore has existed since the early ’90s, yet it seems that the recent “improvements” amplified the sound.

Compromise: why don’t UVa and Glenmore split the cost to implement the necessary solution?

Assuming I correctly located the UVa Firing Range, it’s closer to Glenmore than I thought:

View Glenmore and UVA Firing Range in a larger map

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  1. Elizabeth Petofi September 4, 2012 at 17:04

    What about a balance of common sense? Why not use silencers on the guns?????? How difficult could that be?

    Yes, I suppose that in order to be the BEST protection, the police target shooters want to use their very own personal guns, but if they don’t make their silencers out of frozen orange juice cans and steel wool (the way certain criminals purportedly do) surely there is some sort of silencing device which could fit several models of guns, and/or the range could invest in a set of guns with silencers and the shooters could use the range’s adapted guns. Not to mention, since the police were there first and the Glenmore later-arrivals are complaining – yet they want police protection – why doesn’t the Glenmore Homeowners’ Association contribute to solving the sound problem? My guess is that the police are being courteous and not firing after 10:00 pm etc. so they would only be disturbing people at home? Which is a domain of how many?
    I note that some years ago I lived in Dumfries in a mobile home and every once in awhile it was practically blown off its concrete blocks by the nearby Quantico firing practice, so I do understand how discommoding the sounds of gunfire can be.

  2. Bobby 2glove Johnson September 5, 2012 at 16:23

    Dang. When I played golf at Glenmore I thought it was a bunch of hunters. Build berms. Plant trees.

  3. Brian LaFontaine September 6, 2012 at 11:05

    Does anyone know if the Milton firing range has berms? County wants to construct one right behind our property on the old Keene Landfill. They claim 20 foot berms and topography will keep the decibels down to 54 max at our residence. Find that hard to believe but want to support our police officers in finding a proper facility to keep up training. Would not mind a firing range nearby IF noise can be subdued – research shows there are lots of firing range but very little data on actual noise levels in relation to design.


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