What is the Story You’re Trying to Tell? (a very short one)

“What is the story you’re trying to tell?”

I was posed this question this week by someone from outside the real estate space – a technology provider who is seeking an entry into the real estate world. His question was a pointed and salient one, and my answer was this:

Answer: It depends a bit on if I’m representing the buyer or the seller, but for this example …

I’m trying to tell the story of how buyers of this property are going to be happy living here. They’re going to enjoy coming home, being with each other, their kids if they have them, and living in the house and on the property.

The story I’d like to tell is below – a bigger story than the one allowed by the MLS, the primary venue for marketing real estate listings to both real estate agents and the public. I want to tell about why my client loves living there; what the positives are, what the context of the property is, weave a story with links to surrounding participants in the story.


The Charlottesville MLS limits public remarks to 500 characters. Seriously.

There’s more to a house than “three bedrooms, two and a half baths with 1700 square feet and a basement on two acres …”

If you’re looking for the story to be told, be prepared to do your own research and interpretation.

(this is yet another reason that I use professional photography for all of my listings)

Why do you love living where you do? (97 Rockish Lane if you’re wondering)

– I love sitting out in the sunroom all seasons and enjoying the views of wintergreen mountains

– I love sitting in the library room and reading a good book.

– I love living in area with such great resources for enjoying the outdoors, the road next to Rockfish River where I jog, the rural roads for riding my bike, the numerous hiking trails up on the parkway which is only 15 minutes away, and the Rockfish river which is good for paddling.

– I enjoy the events, wineries & breweries which include events at Wintergreen almost every weekend, the Saturday farmers market with live music, Devil’s Backbone, Blue Mountain Brewery, Bold Rock Hard Cidery and Rapunzel’s coffee house which has live music every weekend.

– I enjoy the time to unwind and enjoy a stress free commute where as you cross the county border into Nelson you see a view of mountains. Nelson is arguably the most mountainous county in Virginia.

– I enjoy the privacy of my big yard with a wide variety of fruit trees and big garden area.

– I enjoy living in a house that has been polished with a lot of TLC with nice colors, tile work through out, quality fans, and all the little touches.

– I enjoy the convenience in the winter of coming home and with the press of a button turning on the propane fireplace that gives the coziness of real flames and makes the house a very toasty retreat in the winter.

– One winter I had a mid-week season pass to Wintergreen and was able to go and enjoy Wintergreen without the crowds during the week after work for very little cost.

– I enjoy have a basement that is huge for storage, and also space enough for woodworking tools.

– I enjoy the type of down-to-earth outdoorsy folks who tend to live in Nelson County.

– I enjoy that the cost of living in Nelson is lower with lower property taxes, groceries, real estate prices.

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