Monday Reading – 25 February 2013

A few things on my radar this Monday morning …

Gasoline Prices up over 50 Cents per Gallon since December – This matters, and my clients are starting to talk about gas prices again, much earlier in the conversation about what they want/where they want to live.

Housing: What if inventory keeps falling? – inventory in some market segments in Charlottesville is frighteningly low – bidding wars, offers in days and hours rather than weeks and months, while the other extreme has foreclosures, short sales, months of inventory (I showed a home this weekend that’s been on the market for 1800 days, and another 6000 square foot foreclosure).

Why Sequestration Will Hit Housing on Several Fronts – the rumors at DIA and NGIC are swirling; this is just the sort of uncertainty the Charlottesville real estate market doesn’t need. At all.

Homeowners Rise Above Water on Mortgages – More sellers are able to sell, but we’ve still got a long way to go before things are stable across the board.

They Bailed On Their Homes – Now They Want Back In – We knew this was coming. Strategic defaulting looks like it was a smart move for some …

When they Came for the Raw Milk Drinkers …

Why Obama Refuses to Kill the Sequester – I don’t care who does what; I resent being a pawn whilst the politicians “play politics”.

First-time buyers aren’t contributing much to rebound in housing markets – read: Student loans.

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