Jim’s Monthly Note #2

Last month’s note was fun to write, and I sincerely appreciate the few of you who subscribed and read. I’m finishing up the second note and will be publishing/sending it tomorrow morning. Working title: Seeking Better Realtors, Population Controls, The Market & Realtors -v- Zillow

After years of intending to write a monthly newsletter, I’m finally committing to doing one, because I’m writing what I want to write, not necessarily what I think I should write. Matter of fact, writing this note excites me … so much that I’d love to hit “send” right now.

If you’re able to tolerate reading one note a month (of stuff that I’m not going to publish anywhere else) please subscribe to receive the note via email. Once a month. No more. No less.

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If you happen to subscribe in the next month or so, I’ll send you this month’s note when I can – it’s a manual process, so I’ll send out the notes once a week or so.

(and please feel free to share my notes should you be so inclined)

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